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Hiring Me As Your SEO Consultant

What to Expect If you have no experience in hiring a consultant to help you with your search engine optimization, it can seem like a complicated task. However, that does not need to be the

What is an SEO Audit and Do You Need One?

Hello, and welcome to the South Lakes SEO search engine optimization blog. My name is Tim Marston, and this is my site. I am a freelance SEO consultant. I specialize in SEO and nothing else.

List of the Best Directories for SEO in the UK

If you are looking to rank your website in the Google search results (aka the SERPs), adding your business details to some business directories can be a really good idea. Why Are Directories Important for


White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

This is a very, very important question (so important I used “very” twice to ram the point home!). When asking which is better Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO, we first need to get

Check for Duplicate Content

Looking for an SEO Audit Checklist?

If you want a checklist to help you carry out a high-quality SEO audit, then you have come to the right place! I have provided two lists; the first section looks at the technical factors

Blog Roundup

A Round Up of the South Lakes SEO Blog Copy

One of the annoying things about running a blog is that some of the most interesting and useful content get’s buried deep within the blog archives, where visitors to my site are much less likely

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