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Not sure if you need an SEO audit or some SEO consultancy services?

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That depends on a few main factors… Do you want to target local search terms such as “emergency plumbers in Cumbria” or a national search term such as “buy Nike trainers”?

Then we need to think about how competitive your niche is, what state your website is currently in, and how quickly you want to rank.

Usually, the best first step is to have an SEO audit done and then look at the data to assess the next step.

Click here to find out more about my SEO audit report service or here to find out about my freelance SEO consultant services.

Yes, that is all I do. I am a Google Search Engine Optimization specialist.

SEO is a huge subject, and to be any good at it takes years of hard work and studying. 

This is a very common question for very understandable reasons. I can’t give you a precise answer, but the minimum I usually charge is £100 for one-off pieces of work.

Monthly SEO can start at £500 per month for local search, and it goes up from there for more competitive niches. 

As with pretty much anything related to SEO, it depends, but as a good rule of thumb, you can start seeing good results after three months, assuming no major problems along the way. 

An SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of your site’s current state from a search engine optimization perspective working through an in-depth technical SEO checklist.

I have explained this in-depth on this page. Please feel free to take a look. 

Yes, that’s my job! Please contact me for more information. 

I get it… SEO is confusing, and you do not know if it is right for you, your website, and your business.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation chat with no hard sell. 

Yes, that’s my job! You should probably start with an SEO audit, and we can see what’s going on. 

As with everything in life, there is an element of risk, but my job is to minimize that risk and protect you from any downsides.

I do not do aggressive, blackhat SEO. I take a lot of care of my client’s sites. You can rest assured I will do the same for you and your site. 

If you hire me to do a website audit, that is a one-off piece of work for a one-time fee payable upon completion of the audit.

The other service I typically provide is ongoing, monthly SEO consultancy services.

Either way, my costs and the work I provide will be fully transparent, and I will provide detailed updates for everything I do. 

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