Why is Preston a Great Place to Do Business?


In the vibrant county of Lancashire, Preston stands as a beacon of economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit.

Located along the banks of the River Ribble, the city offers a compelling mix of history, commerce, and quality of life that makes it a lucrative ground for businesses.

But what makes Preston such a promising hub for economic activities?

This article delves into the heart of this bustling city to explore its business-friendly credentials.

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Why is Preston a Great Location for Business?

Preston enjoys a strategic geographical position with excellent road, rail, and even air connectivity.

The M6, one of the UK’s key motorways, passes right through the city.

Preston’s well-integrated transport network allows businesses to easily reach markets in Manchester, Liverpool, and even London.

Moreover, the city is a cost-effective alternative to these larger cities, offering competitive rents and operational costs.

Where is Preston?

Located in North West England, Preston is about a 30-minute drive from Manchester and roughly an hour from Liverpool.

Its strategic positioning near the Irish Sea coast means it also offers opportunities for maritime commerce, especially through the Port of Liverpool, one of the largest ports in the UK.

What Interesting Locations Are Close to Preston?

Nearby destinations like the Lake District offer a quality of life that attracts top talent to the area.

Additionally, cultural sites like the Harris Museum or the Ribble Steam Railway offer a rich cultural tapestry that makes Preston an appealing location for business owners and employees.

Economic Landscape and Key Industries in Preston

Preston is not just about geographical benefits; it has an economic landscape teeming with opportunities.

Key industries include advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and digital technology.

The presence of BAE Systems in the area is a testament to the city’s strong aerospace sector.

Moreover, emerging sectors like green technology are catching up fast, giving businesses an opportunity to align themselves with future-ready industries.

Local Talent and Education

Education institutes like the University of Central Lancashire supply a steady stream of qualified professionals in various disciplines.

Courses in business management, engineering, and information technology are especially popular, ensuring that local businesses have a wealth of talent to draw from.

Also, several vocational schools and training programs work in partnership with industries, providing a skilled workforce tailored to the business landscape’s needs.

Business Support and Resources

Preston offers extensive support networks for businesses.

Various local government schemes and programmes provide financial incentives, while business advisory services offer free advice on how to start, manage, and grow your business.

Chambers of Commerce and various trade bodies host frequent networking events, helping new entrepreneurs connect with experienced businesspeople.

Quality of Life for Employees

With its beautiful parks, affordable housing, and excellent schools, Preston offers a quality of life that is second to none.

Public transportation options are plentiful, making commuting easy.

In addition, the city offers a range of cultural events, art festivals, and food fairs that offer a balanced lifestyle outside of work.

Innovation and Technology

The city has been showing a growing focus on technology and innovation.

Tech incubators and accelerators are increasingly sprouting up around the city.

Innovations in digital technology, particularly in software development and data analytics, have put Preston on the map as an emerging tech hub.

Final Notes About Doing Business in Preston

In a nutshell, Preston presents a compelling case for anyone considering where to base their business.

Its strategic location, flourishing industries, available talent, and quality of life create a holistic environment conducive to business success.

So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, Preston offers opportunities and resources that are hard to overlook.

You can find out more information on Preston here.

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023

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