Tim Marston

Freelance SEO Consultant

Bespoke SEO strategies, tailor made to generate free traffic to your site.
Always designed to increase your overall revenue and aiming for the best possible return on investment.

Do you want to increase the revenue from your website?

Search engine optimization is a powerful method of generating highly targeted, free traffic to your website.

I offer customized SEO services, specially created for your site, your business and your bottom line.

My goal is very simple –To use the power of SEO to help you take your business to a new level of revenue and profit.

Nothing I offer is one size fits all. I treat every business differently with long term, safe strategies designed from scratch every single time.

How I work

1. Initial research

We will have a chat so I can get to know your current situation.

Do you have a website yet? Have you tried doing any SEO before? What would you like to achieve from our work together?

I want to understand where you are, where you want to be and how quickly you want to get there.

The more I understand your business the more able I am to help you get the success you are looking for.

2. Strategy

I will create a strategy for you business. This can include in-depth keyword research along with suggestions for improving both your on-site and off-site optimization.

If you want to rank locally, nationally or internationally this will all be built into the strategy.

I will explain this strategy to you, making sure I have understood your needs and have created an approach that you are happy with

3. Implementation

I will start work on generating traffic to your website. I will use a combination of in-depth market research, fine tuning of your website and then promoting your site with a high quality backlink building campaign.

Each month you will receive a progress update, letting you know what I have done and how the site is progressing.

Through this time I will be open to your feedback and can redirect my strategy to suit your needs should they change.

What my clients say

James Humble

“I run a large SEO agency with local, national and international clients. The consultancy Tim delivers has helped me to make more money both for my clients and myself. I would love to employ him full time but he won’t let me!”

Quitterie de Rivoyre

Working with Tim is an absolute pleasure. His SEO audit of our website was extremely thorough, and he took the time to explain everything and answer any question I had over Skype. He is really professional and good at explaining the ins and outs of SEO. I highly recommend using Tim’s services if you want to grow your website traffic and build a strong brand!


Katie Crawford

“When we had our website built, we knew we needed to rank in Google but we had no idea how to do so. Tim did it for us and for the past five years we have had a steady flow of clients booking through our website and coming from Google”.

Dan Clayton

“While building my online Amazon FBA business Tim has been an invaluable source of knowledge. His guidance has helped me overcome individual challenges as well as provide a general strategy for approaching tasks and maintaining a positive achievement orientated mindset.”

About me

I have been studying and applying SEO to my own sites and those of my clients for nearly fifteen years.

I never stop learning and I never stop studying. My focus is always on the most efficient and effective ways to rank websites in Google.

If you decide to work with me you will find me hardworking, honest and dedicated to helping you to increase the success ofyour business.

Let's start a conversation on how I can help You