Why is The Northwest of England a Great Place For Your Business?

North West England

The allure of the UK often gravitates towards its southeastern quadrant, but there’s a dynamic, often underrepresented titan up north: the Northwest of England.

Brimming with historical charm, modern innovation, and a vision for the future, here’s why the Northwest should be your business destination.

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1. Introduction:

The Northwest, with cities like Manchester, Preston, Lancaster, Liverpool, and Chester, presents a tapestry of diverse business environments rooted in a legacy of industrious innovation.

2. Historical Legacy:

The Industrial Revolution’s heartbeat echoed loudest here. From cotton to steel, this legacy has evolved, now powering modern enterprises.

3. Geographical Advantage:

Nestled perfectly for access to Ireland and Europe, businesses here enjoy strategic advantages, especially when targeting European markets.

4. Major Cities & Their Specialties:

  • Manchester: From media hubs to international businesses, it’s a nexus of activity.
  • Liverpool: A blend of portside commerce and rich cultural tapestry.
  • Chester: History and modern commerce converge seamlessly.
  • Preston and Blackburn: Their rise as commercial centres is nothing short of impressive.

5. Transport & Connectivity:

The Northwest is a connectivity marvel, with extensive road, rail, and air networks ensuring the region isn’t just connected but globally integrated.

6. Affordable Business Spaces:

With London prices soaring, the Northwest offers affordable, high-quality spaces, perfect for burgeoning startups and established enterprises alike.

7. Educational Institutes & Talent Pool:

Esteemed institutions guarantee a consistent inflow of fresh, skilled talent, invigorating the business landscape.

8. Supportive Business Environment:

Here, entrepreneurs aren’t just welcomed; they’re nurtured, thanks to the plethora of supportive local council initiatives and business-centric events.

9. Cultural Diversity:

The region’s multicultural tapestry offers businesses a rich palette of perspectives, fostering innovation and inclusivity.

10. Tourism & Its Business Potential:

The scenic Lake District and vibrant cities attract millions, offering businesses an expanded, diverse clientele.

11. Emerging Sectors:

Be it digital innovation hubs, green energy startups, or bioscience wonders. The Northwest is ever-evolving.

12. Quality of Life:

From urban luxuries to the tranquillity of the Lake District and a thriving cultural scene, life here is a harmonious blend of work and leisure.

13. Testimonials & Case Studies:

Stories like MediaCityUK in Manchester spotlight the region’s potential, echoing testimonials from successful business leaders.

14. Future Outlook:

Infrastructural investments and technological integrations forecast a vibrant economic trajectory for the Northwest.

15. Sustainability Initiatives:

Green is the new gold here. The Northwest champions eco-friendly business models, with local enterprises pioneering sustainable practices.

16. Local Food and Drink Industry:

The region serves a platter of culinary excellence, amplifying the hospitality sector and spotlighting artisanal producers and distilleries.

17. Health and Well-being Sector:

Housing notable healthcare institutions and emerging health-tech startups, the Northwest is at the health and well-being frontier.

18. The Resilience and Adaptability of the Northwest:

Its history of overcoming economic challenges showcases the indomitable spirit of its businesses.

19. Collaborative Opportunities:

Co-working spaces, collaborations, and local partnerships underline a community spirit, making the Northwest a collaborative business dreamland.


With its rich tapestry of opportunities, supportive environments, and an unmistakable spirit of innovation, the Northwest of England stands tall as a compelling business hub.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, the Northwest not only welcomes but empowers, promising a bright future for all business endeavours.

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023

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